MMA Betting 2018

Interest in MMA has exploded in recent years, and the very best online sports books have responded by covering all the potential MMA betting markets for eager MMA bettors. Head to any of the best online bookies and you'll be able to wager on MMA to your heart's content. It's certainly one way to kick some serious ass when it comes to sports betting!

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What are the most popular MMA bets?

Such is the popularity of MMA that there are MMA bouts taking place all over the world, and on a daily basis. If your favourite sports book allows for betting on MMA, then you should easily be able to find a contest to place a bet upon.

The simplest way to bet on an MMA bout is to bet on the winner of the fight. You can also bet on a tie, but ties are extremely rare, as the odds will reflect.

There are some additional markets for you to bet on, such as the round in which a bout will be settled, and the way the result will be decided – a knock-out, a technical knock-out, a submission, or by a judge's decision. You can also bet on whether you think the fight will go the distance or not – i.e. there will not be a knock-out or submission before the final round ends.

For specific events (for the most popular events anyhow) you will also be able to bet on one of the competitors winning the bout in a specific round. Some sites will also allow you a spread-type bet on when you think the fight will be won – usually in the first two rounds, or in the final three rounds. This is a decent bet if you spy a fighter in an upcoming bout who likes to get things over with quickly. Many MMA bouts can be quite frenzied affairs, which is why some people find such contests preferential to the more drawn-out aspects of boxing.

Which sportsbooks are best for MMA?

Despite the recent surge of interest in mixed marshal arts and the UFC in particular, not all sports betting sites offer bettors the chance to bet on MMA – and at some of those that do the coverage is extremely variable or ventures little beyond outrights.

One sports betting site that stands head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to MMA betting is Paddy Power. As we mentioned above, some of their MMA coverage is variable, but when it comes to the biggest bouts and the best fighters, you're going to have to work hard to find a site that does it better. If you're an MMA expert for example, you can take a punt on method of victory and round combos.

This is where you bet on who will win the fight, which round the fight will end in and how victory will be achieved. You usually get high odds offered for such a prediction, so if you do end up ticking all the correct predictive boxes you really could be quids-in.

When it comes to the best in MMA, we're going to have to give a shout-out too to Betway. This well-established and popular sports-betting site has fantastic coverage of MMA, and the UFC in particular. This site is also one of the few that permits in-play betting on MMA events, so you can bet in real time as you are watching your favourite competitors do battle. As with all types of in-play wagering, cash-out is available too.

Also on the podium when it comes to MMA, we nominate NetBet. While they do not offer as many markets as the two names above, they do offer extensive cover of most MMA contests, not matter how big or how small. If you really know your MMA stuff and your MMA fighters, then you should really be able to cash in with the coverage that NetBet provides. Watch out for special MMA-related deals and bonuses too at this colourful and comprehensive sports betting site.

MMA betting - what you need to know

MMA can trace its roots all the way back to the classical Greek era. In the early Greek Olympics there was a sport known as 'Pankration' in which combatants could using both grabbling (wrestling) and striking (boxing) skills in order to defeat their opponents.

Fast forwarding to more recent times, In 1993 'The Ultimate Fighting Champtionship 1' or UFC1 was held. It was here that that the term 'mixed martial arts' was first used, coined by television critic Howard Rosenberg. The event was won by Roycie Gracie.

There are now hundreds of MMA clubs and organisations all across the globe. There are also plenty of MMA events and promotions, including the Bellator MMA (USA), the ONE Championship (Singapore), the World Series of Fighting (USA) and the Invicta FC (USA). The number one MMA organised championship remains the UFC. The very best UFC/MMA competitors – such as Ireland's lethal Conor McGregor – are now as recognised and celebrated as the top fighters were during boxing's heyday.

If you like wagering on fights, then why not check out our UFC betting guide for the UK market.  

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